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    11 Powerful Crystals For Stress and Anxiety

    Crystals have plenty of amazing healing properties, and many are fantastic for helping with stress and anxiety. Here I will discuss my favourites, and the ones I have had the most success with for calming my mind. In the fast paced environments we live in, it is easy to become stressed and overwhelmed on a daily basis. However, we become so used to the stress that we often don’t even realize the mental state we’re in. Working with healing crystals is an effective way to tackle the problem on a deep, spiritual level to invoke peace, serenity, and balance into our lives. Crystals are fantastic because you can do so…

  • My Story of Sexual Abuse
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    Revealing My Story: A Survivor of Sexual Abuse

    Sexual abuse comes in all forms and with many different experiences. Seldomly do the actions and the consequences of sexual abuse happen in the way we have been taught; the telltale signs we learn are often not there. People who have never experienced molestation wonder why the victim didn’t do this or that. And I get it. You can’t understand until it’s happened to you. Until you’ve been the victim. Even then you might not fully understand it. And I can honestly say I am a person who loves to think I would fight with all I’m worth. I mean, that is what happened the second time. But not the…

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    The 7 Chakras: A Complete Guide for Beginners

    Our bodies have hundreds of chakras, although most individuals and healers focus on the 7 major chakras. These 7 chakras are our energy centers and they look like fans with overlapping blades. In Sanskrit, chakra means “wheel”. These energy centers push fundamental life energy through our bodies to establish vitality. If the chakras are cleared and balanced, energy is able to flow through them freely and easily. However, if they are blocked we can feel tired, sluggish, irritated, or unhappy. Unbalanced chakras can also affect our intuition and psychic abilities. When the 7 chakras are clear we are readily able to tap into our intuitive capacities and speak with our…

  • Journaling self-love affirmations
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    15 Self-Love Affirmations to Boost Your Self-Esteem

    Self-love is a quality we all need to strive towards, and one of the most powerful ways to learn to love ourselves is through reciting positive self-love affirmations every day. Many of us THINK we love ourselves, however we still focus on many aspects we dislike or want to change. Or maybe we don’t practice proper self-care (which is more than just baths, wine, and facials), don’t say no when we should, don’t eat wholesome foods, or don’t act in a way that is unapologetically, undeniably us. We can’t expect others to love and appreciate us when we don’t give ourselves the same courtesy. In order to have good EXTERNAL…

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    Beginner Upper Body Workout for Women

    Looking for an effective beginner workout to get in shape for summer? Build muscle and burn fat with this beginner upper body workout for women that can be done at home! This beginner workout incorporates supersets so you can finish faster to get everything else on your to do list completed. Supersets are great for building muscle, increasing muscle endurance, burning fat, and saving time (shape.com). Supersets pair two exercises that work opposing muscles back to back with no rest in between. When working with antagonistic groups, your muscles recover faster in between sets (Shape.com). This is because while one muscle groups contracts, the other is relaxing. Here is an…

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    Spirituality: How I Went from Skeptic to Reiki Master

    I was told I’ve been able to see spirits since I was 3 years old. I personally don’t remember seeing them this early, however that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Nevertheless, I do remember seeing them at a fairly young age. For me, it’s not typically the same as seeing a living person in front of you…sometimes I see a black shadow of them, sometimes I see them clearly, sometimes I can feel their energies and receive messages as to what gender they are, what they look like, or even who they are. When I didn’t know how to ground and protect myself, or know much about spirits, it was…

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    10 Skincare Products for Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

    If you’re anything like me you like to have a natural look during the spring and summer months because, finally, you no longer have skin so white its comparable to a porcelain doll! But while enjoying that lovely sunshine we often don’t hydrate enough and our skin becomes dry. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! These 10 skincare products are great for keeping your skin gorgeous, glowing, and moisturized. I have extremely dry skin so I know the struggle; I’m always searching for tools to keep my skin from feeling tight and flaky. This morning I used 4 skincare products: the Calm facial cleanser, Sephora stick face mask, hey Honey…

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    Change Your Life With Reiki

    There are many amazing benefits of Reiki, and it’s wonderful how different each person’s experience is, depending on the healing they need. Reiki is the act of laying the hands on (or hovering over) the body to instill relaxation and relieve pain. You do not have to be sick in order to receive healing from Reiki. It helps us to maintain a harmonious, balanced life so that we can be happier and have more fulfilling relationships (with ourselves and others). Many people seek Reiki treatment for relief of stress/tension, emotional struggles, physical pain, illness, and spiritual growth.   Reiki is working with a person’s energy (I also work with chakras)…

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    Staying Healthy During Covid-19

    We all know the drill…wash your hands, stay inside, cough into your elbow, etc. But I want you to be both physically AND mentally healthy, so here is a list of practices to keep you thriving. 1. Drink plenty of H2O Staying hydrated is so important, especially for organs like your kidneys. Water allows your body to flush out toxins, regulates your body temperature, and helps maintain blood pressure, amongst many other benefits. Hydrating also helps keep your skin from drying out, which is a common side effect of frequently washing your hands. If you’re like me and you don’t particularly like plain water, try spicing it up with lemon…

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    My Favourite Grounding Method

    Are your days full of stress? Do you feel like you’re constantly working, yet getting nowhere? Are your thoughts going a mile a minute? Do you feel like you can never relax? If you can relate to even one of these questions, then I recommend taking these steps to ground yourself. I cannot stress how important it is to take two minutes to sit down, breathe, and connect to the Universe. Work up to grounding yourself in the morning, afternoon, and evening, but start with the times you need it most. This may be shortly after your alarm goes off, before an important event (exam, business meeting, presentation), before walking…