About Ariana

I currently live in Calgary, AB. I spent 4.5 years in Saskatoon where I obtained my degree in Pyschology, then moved to Calgary to take the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program.

I am now a Sonographer at EFW Radiology. I have a passion for health and helping others, which is why I am so grateful I was able to pursue this career. To me, there is nothing greater than the realization you were able to help save someone’s life.

Growing up, I was always spending time outdoors, at the rink or the tennis courts (or playing some sort of sport), and spending time with my animals. Nature is my therapy, so anything that will get me outdoors is sure to put a smile on my face (that is, unless it’s -40).

If you are an animal lover, I’m sure you and I would get along. I live with my boyfriend, our two dogs, and our kitten. Back home I also have a chinchilla and we have two horses. The bonds I have created with these companions are unbreakable and more than I could ever ask for. If ever I am having a bad day, I just need to spend some time walking my dogs or riding my horses in the fields, because in those moments, nothing else matters.

Since I was young I have been able to receive messages from the spiritual world. As I got older I started having premonitions about accidents and death, which left me feeling helpless and uneasy. In 2017 I decided I wanted to learn more so I wasn’t living in fear, and took an Intuition and Mediumship Development Workshop. In May 2019 I attended a retreat through Spirit2Soul Awakening where we learned about chakras, energies, past life regression, mediumship, and so much more. In September 2019 I became a certified Reiki Master. I am currently putting all my gifts and knowledge to use by helping others heal, and would love the opportunity to teach and heal you as well!

I have learned in the last few years how important it is to step out of your comfort zone so that you can grow, evolve, and be grateful for who you are.

About Adventures With Ariana

This blog is meant to assist you in finding your true potential. I will discuss ways to improve your physical and mental health so you can feel balanced and at peace. Reiki and intuition will also be a focus. I hope I can motivate, encourage, and inspire you by sharing what I have learned throughout my journey.