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Change Your Life With Reiki

There are many amazing benefits of Reiki, and it’s wonderful how different each person’s experience is, depending on the healing they need.

Reiki is the act of laying the hands on (or hovering over) the body to instill relaxation and relieve pain.

You do not have to be sick in order to receive healing from Reiki. It helps us to maintain a harmonious, balanced life so that we can be happier and have more fulfilling relationships (with ourselves and others). Many people seek Reiki treatment for relief of stress/tension, emotional struggles, physical pain, illness, and spiritual growth.  

Reiki is working with a person’s energy (I also work with chakras) to release what no longer serves their highest good. It is guided to where the person most needs healing so they leave with the most profound benefits. Healing may take place on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level.

Reiki raises the vibrational level in and around the physical body where the negative thoughts and feelings are attached. It can never be performed to harm, as the practitioner must have the intention of love and compassion, or Reiki will not flow. You should always feel safe when having a treatment.

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10 Benefits of Reiki

1. Helps balance the body’s natural ability to heal itself

Reiki works with the whole body, including the aura. It helps balance the energy to promote harmony and overall wellbeing. Rather than masking symptoms, Reiki works directly with the problem so you can experience true healing.

2. Helps to open up blocked energies

Blocked energies can cause many issues on all aspects: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Your aura detects imbalances before you notice them physically. If the energy continues to be blocked you may become ill or suffer from pain. Reiki releases those blockages so the energy can flow freely and you can continue to be healthy.

3. Cleanses the body of toxins

Reiki helps to balance the organs and glands so they are able to work efficiently. This in turn allows you to digest better and release toxins you have placed into your body through food and stress. Our bodies have become used to being in fight or flight mode (sympathetic nervous system), but they also need to spend time in rest and digest mode (parasympathetic nervous system) in order to maintain balance and to heal.

4. Creates a stronger immune system

When your body releases toxins and your lymphatic system is able to drain properly, your immune system becomes stronger. The bodily systems are working the way they are intended so you are less likely to become ill.

Reiki helps with stress, anger, grief, etc. which are all emotions that lower the function of your immune system. Reiki also releases negative components that have made their way into your aura so that they are unable to penetrate through and cause you to be sick.

5. Enhances empowerment and consciousness

When you are in a meditative or relaxed state you can easily connect to your Higher Power. Your spiritual team is ready to help you at all times, though you may notice it more in this state of mind. However, due to free will, our angels are unable to help us unless we call upon them. All you have to do is simply ask them for help and they will happily oblige.

When your chakras are cleared it allows the energy to flow through you without disruptions and your third eye and crown chakra will be unblocked. These are our intuition and spiritual chakras, allowing us to be able to communicate with our Higher Selves easier. You feel like you can tackle life challenges more easily creating a sense of empowerment.

Reiki session; Reiki benefits

6. Relieves pain

Reiki can aid in healing various disorders such as burns, colds, constipation, diabetes, fear/dread, headaches, sciatica, sleep disturbances, and so much more.

Because it works on an emotional level as well, Reiki can also help to relieve trauma and emotional pain. It can help alleviate fear, anger, and mood swings, while also helping you to come from a place of love, thus enhancing your personal relationships.

7. Revitalizes the mind, body, and soul

Attending regular Reiki sessions can help you to feel calmer and more at peace. Many people feel a release of stress and are better able to cope with stressful situations over time. Spiritual and emotional growth occur as you progress through you self-healing journey.

Reiki works with you to be grounded and centred which allows your mindset to be in the present. Through clearing your chakras and your aura, your body, mind, and spirit are able to work in connection with each other so you can experience more joy in life. You may notice subtle changes such as being able to tackle obstacles easier or being able to see situations in a different light.

8. Increases energy levels

When your body, mind, and spirit are working together and operating at a higher frequency, you have more energy and feel more “alive”. Decreased levels of pain, both emotionally and physically, bring a sense of freedom and lightness. You are more likely to be active, and in turn, you are more likely to continue feeling better.

9. Helps with sleep and focus

Reiki treatments allow you to relax and be in the present moment. Relaxation helps you feel less stressed, helps your body heal, helps you sleep better, and helps you to think more clearly.

10. Compliments medical treatment and other therapies

Reiki can aid in healing pain, speed the healing process, stop bleeding, and relax the receiver. It balances the left and right brain and increases the body’s flow of life force. Therefore, it is an ideal treatment to compliment traditional forms of medical treatment.

Reiki is a non-invasive treatment that is very effective, yet has a gentle approach. It can be used to aid medications for anxiety and depression, or even to help those undergoing chemotherapy. Because the practitioner’s hands do not need to be placed on the body, Reiki can be helpful for people who are suffering from burns or other skin conditions and those who do not enjoy physical contact.

Reiki aims to restore balance, harmony, wholeness, and joy. It offers peace and comfort to those who receive it.

Heal mind, body, spirit

I hope this helped you understand Reiki better and maybe you are curious to receive treatment yourself. I offer in person and distance Reiki sessions if you’re ready to take control of your health and change your life!

Sending you love and healing.




  • Brenda

    Hi it’s Brenda from This is a very well thought out article. Thanks for sharing all the benefits of reiki. I’d never thought about all this before.

    • Ariana.Lynn

      Hi Brenda, I’m glad you found some value through this article! Reiki is such an incredible practice. If you’re ever interested in a treatment, feel free to contact me on my FB page Adventures with Ariana! I’m even providing a discount for first time clients.

  • Kim Kay Blake

    I have been hearing about this practice for a while now but I never new exactly what it was. Thank you for such an informative and detailed article. It really has inspired me to learn more.

    • Ariana.Lynn

      Hi Kim! I’m so happy you found some insight through this article and that you are looking forward to learning more! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Or, if you’re ever looking for a treatment, you can receive a discount through my FB page Adventures with Ariana!

    • Ariana.Lynn

      Hi Gina! Reiki has only gained in popularity over the last few years, but it’s such an amazing healing practice! I’m glad you found it interesting, and I hope to be able to work with you some day.

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