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Staying Healthy During Covid-19

We all know the drill…wash your hands, stay inside, cough into your elbow, etc. But I want you to be both physically AND mentally healthy, so here is a list of practices to keep you thriving.

1. Drink plenty of H2O

Staying hydrated is so important, especially for organs like your kidneys. Water allows your body to flush out toxins, regulates your body temperature, and helps maintain blood pressure, amongst many other benefits. Hydrating also helps keep your skin from drying out, which is a common side effect of frequently washing your hands.

If you’re like me and you don’t particularly like plain water, try spicing it up with lemon juice, MiO, Arbonne fizz sticks, or fruit. I love adding strawberries, lime, mint, or cucumber.    

2. Have a Bath

Bathing is a great way to relax and reduce stress during these uncertain times. It allows you to calm your mind and raise your vibrational frequency. I love sipping on a nice glass of wine and reading an inspirational book while I soak. In order to enhance the experience, I recommend adding Epsom salts to help ease your muscles. I also love Bath and Body’s stress relief bath soak in eucalyptus spearmint or bath bombs from Charmed Aroma.  

3. Meditate

Meditation does wonders for your state of mind, especially when you’ve had a sudden change in your life and you are cooped up inside. It helps with anxiety, boredom, happiness, gratefulness, fear, etc.

There are a multitude of free guided meditations on YouTube, depending on what your goal is. I enjoy this 10 Minute Chakra Balance Guided Meditation for Positive Energy:

Some other common categories are:

  • Guided meditation for deep relaxation
  • Guided meditation for anxiety
  • Guided meditation for positive energy
  • Guided meditation for ascension
  • Guided meditation for sleep
  • Guided meditation for healing

Find a time that works for you…typically meditating in the morning is a great way to start the day, and practice 5-10 minutes daily. Not only will you instantly notice a difference in your mood, but you will notice a positive difference in your work, relationships, and life overall as you continue practicing.

4. Get outside

I know it’s recommended to stay indoors as much as possible during this time, although spending some time in nature is critical for your wellbeing. This could be as simple as having your morning coffee on your back deck or going for a 5 minute walk around the neighbourhood. Play with your dogs outside and take them for walks. Just remember to practice social distancing.

Spending time in the fresh air helps to ground you and reduce stress/boredom, while light tends to improve people’s moods. Take deep breaths and bask in the sunlight. Your vitamin D levels will go up and we typically find ourselves happier while outdoors. Not to mention, it will get your body moving so you’re not as stiff from sitting on the couch watching Netflix all day.

5. Move and Stretch

Find a way to get some exercise in daily. It’s so easy to be couch potatoes during a time like this because we’re limited to what we can do and we have little motivation. But if you want to stay healthy you need to get up and move.

If you have the energy and drive to work out then by all means, please do so! If not, then blast your favourite music and have a dance party! This will boost your mood, burn some calories, and keep your joints from stiffening up.

You might do some yoga or run around the backyard with your dogs. If you live with someone have a fun little competition. Bring out your inner child. Whatever you do, just get moving for at least 30 minutes a day.

It’s also important to stretch and use a roller if you have one. Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles, increases your flexibility, helps improve posture, helps to heal and prevent back pain, and is a good stress reliever.

6. Connect with Loved Ones  

Zoom, Skype, or Facetime are great ways to connect with people you are physically unable to be around. Discuss ways you are staying sane or new hobbies you have taken up. Have a virtual wine night with friends.

We are social creatures who need to communicate, so call up someone who is going to make you laugh and brighten your day.

7. Take Your Vitamins

Taking vitamins is essential, especially during a pandemic. Every individual differs in what they are lacking/need more of, but some vitamins good for the majority are:

  • Multi-vitamins
  • Vitamin B: energy production, immune function, and iron absorption
  • Vitamin C: supports a healthy immune system
  • Vitamin D: supports a healthy immune system and bone health
  • Iron: Building muscles naturally and maintaining healthy blood
  • Zinc: Immunity, growth, and fertility

8. Eat Healthy

Maintaining a healthy diet gives us energy and helps our immune system. It’s also beneficial to our mental health, which is so important during isolation.

I personally tend to want to eat comfort food, snack on chips and chocolate, and maybe have a beer when I get bored or upset. So I know how hard it can be to motivate yourself to actually cook when it feels like all you can do is watch tv. That being said, here are a few tips for getting those healthy meals in:

  • Meal prep
  • Make extras to freeze
  • Bake healthy, satisfying snacks
  • Cut up fruits and veggies for easy access when you’re lazy
  • Make your own (sweet potato, kale, carrot) chips

9. Do Something You Love

I’m pretty sure each and every one of us has a hobby we have always wanted to try but we convince ourselves we don’t have enough time. Well now is the time to try it out! Get creative and do something that makes you happy.

 I am currently crocheting a blanket and working on my drawing skills. My boyfriend and I are building a puzzle for bonding time (and our cat obviously wants to keep us busy because he keeps destroying it). I have also been spending lots of time reading.

Set a goal to spend time doing something you enjoy every day. This will boost your mood, allowing you to be in a loving mindset rather than a fearful one.

10. Utilize Essential Oils

I personally love essential oils and their multiple benefits. You can put a few drops with water in a diffuser, some can be used topically (if blended with a carrier oil), others I place a drop or two in the corner of my shower, or some can help with breathing when steaming yourself.

Here are some of the oils I use regularly:

  • Eucalyptus: helps relieve colds/cough, helps relieve muscle and joint pain, helps relieve headaches
  • Frankincense: calming properties, increase spirituality and inner strength
  • Geranium: great for skin, helps reduce symptoms of cold and cough
  • Lavender: relaxing qualities, great for sleep
  • Lemongrass: soothing, release stressful thoughts, relieve muscular aches and pains, headaches
  • Peppermint: works wonders for digestive problems, common colds, headaches, muscle aches, and has an energizing effect

Saje has a great roll on peppermint oil that I use on my temples and at the base of my head when I have a headache.

  • Tea tree: clarifying, helps reduce symptoms of cold/cough

Saje, Young Living, and DoTERRA offer a great variety of good quality essential oils that can be ordered online.  

I know it is a very challenging time right now, but please always remember to be grateful for everything you have. Sending love to you all.




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