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    Change Your Life With Reiki

    There are many amazing benefits of Reiki, and it’s wonderful how different each person’s experience is, depending on the healing they need. Reiki is the act of laying the hands on (or hovering over) the body to instill relaxation and relieve pain. You do not have to be sick in order to receive healing from Reiki. It helps us to maintain a harmonious, balanced life so that we can be happier and have more fulfilling relationships (with ourselves and others). Many people seek Reiki treatment for relief of stress/tension, emotional struggles, physical pain, illness, and spiritual growth.   Reiki is working with a person’s energy (I also work with chakras)…

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    Love Yourself Like Your Dog Loves You

    I’ve had dogs my entire life, but Meeka was the first one I could call my own. Meeka is a rescue who was beaten as a puppy then neglected for the majority of her life. I adopted her when she was 5. She was terrified of people. I spent an hour and a half at her foster home, and the only time she would come near me was to quickly grab a treat before running away. Still, my gut told me she was the companion for me. I took her home and she was so nervous she wouldn’t eat, drink, or come near anyone. I wanted so badly to hug…